20/40-Foot Custom Container Storage Options in Oklahoma

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Storage Containers in Oklahoma


In the bustling town of Edmond, Oklahoma, Bonafide Storage stands as a beacon of reliable and versatile storage solutions. Recognizing that every individual's or business's storage needs are unique, we've gone the extra mile to provide an array of options tailored to your specific requirements. Our rent-to-own program is perfect for those who require storage on a more permanent basis. This program offers flexibility and financial feasibility, allowing you to eventually claim ownership of your container without needing a long-term commitment upfront. With a variety of door options, we guarantee ease of access and enhanced security, whether you're storing large equipment or smaller valuables. From roll-up doors for easy accessibility to traditional swing doors for maximum security, we cater to every storage need. Our range of window options ensures your stored items remain in pristine condition. Choose from different sizes and styles, whether you need natural light or a window for ventilation. Aesthetics do matter, and that's why we offer a spectrum of color options. You can select a shade that either blends your container with its surroundings or makes it stand out. At Bonafide Storage, our primary commitment is to customer satisfaction. Understanding the diverse storage needs of the Edmond community has allowed us to rise as the go-to storage solution provider.


Financing 20 Foot Long Storage Containers in Oklahoma


In Edmond, Oklahoma, finding spacious and durable storage solutions that don't break the bank is no longer a challenge. Introducing our 20-foot-long storage containers, crafted meticulously to meet the storage needs of both individuals and businesses. With an incredibly easy financing plan, you can now secure your storage container without any hassle. For an initial down payment of just $199.00, followed by monthly payments of $165.00, you can claim ownership of one of these containers over 48 months. We believe in transparency and simplicity, and that's why these terms come with no hidden fees or catch. Additionally, the price you pay includes delivery costs. This means, once you finalize your purchase, we ensure your container is safely transported and placed at your desired location without any additional charges. The "Rent to Own" scheme is crafted to provide flexibility to our customers, allowing them to utilize the storage space without the pressures of outright purchase. These 20-foot containers are perfect for businesses looking to store equipment, homeowners undergoing renovations, or simply anyone in need of some extra space. The durability ensures protection from the elements, while the spacious interior guarantees ample storage room. Our commitment at Bonafide Storage is to offer premium storage solutions with affordability and convenience.

Financing 40 Foot Long Storage Containers in Oklahoma


Modern-day storage demands often require more than just a small unit to throw things into. Sometimes, there's a need for a substantial space where you can securely store large equipment, and furniture, or even set up a temporary workspace. This is where our 40-foot-long storage containers come into play, designed to accommodate bulkier items while providing you with the security and peace of mind you deserve. For those in Edmond, Oklahoma, we present an unbeatable financing opportunity for these expansive storage units. A minimal down payment of $199.00 is all you need to start, followed by manageable monthly installments of $199.00. These terms span 48 months, giving you the flexibility to own the container over time without the burden of immediate, hefty payments. One of the standout features of this deal is that delivery is entirely on us. Once you decide to go ahead with the financing, you can relax and wait for your container to arrive at your chosen destination. No hidden delivery charges, no extra fees – just straightforward, transparent pricing. The "Rent to Own" model is more than just a payment plan. It's our commitment to ensure that you can access top-tier storage solutions without any financial strain. Whether you are a business owner looking to store inventory, a farmer needing a space for equipment, or a family looking to store belongings during a move, our 40-foot container offers the space and security you need.


Storage Containers with Custom Options in Oklahoma


One of our key features is the variety of door options. Whether you require large roll-up doors for easy access to bulky items or regular swing doors for everyday convenience, we've got you covered. Our door customization ensures that your items are not just stored, but also easily accessible. The addition of window options is not just about aesthetics, but also about functionality. Natural light can make a huge difference, especially if you intend to use the container as a temporary workspace. From small ventilation windows to larger panoramic ones, our containers can be modified to suit your preference. Lastly, the color of your container can be more than just a choice; it can be a statement. Whether you need it to blend in with its surroundings or stand out as a landmark, our range of color options is at your disposal. At the heart of Edmond, Oklahoma, our storage containers are more than just metal boxes. They are dynamic spaces waiting to be molded as per your vision. Each feature is designed keeping in mind the practicality of use and the aesthetics of appearance. Dive into the world of tailored storage with us and witness a blend of convenience, functionality, and style. Just give us a call if you find yourself in need or wondering about custom options for storage containers here in Edmond, Oklahoma!