Proudly Offering Combo Unit (Carport & Garages) Services

Carport and Garage/Shed Combo Units have become hugely popular over the past couple of years. Not only do they have an excellent design, but they also combine the functionality of metal buildings in one. Though a little more expensive than our traditional carports or garages, these buildings provide more versatility.


combo units
combo units
combo units

Combo Unit Construction

Before making the [right] decision in recruiting our decades of construction expertise to construct a combo unit on your Southern property, it’s important to first become better acquainted with what a combo unit is exactly and what potential benefits they pose for your property. Firstly, the combo units we construct for our Southern clients are aptly named: each combo unit combines the convenience of a carport with the added benefit of having an attached structure that can be used for storage, a workshop, housing, or somewhere in between. In the spirit of accommodating our customers, we offer a variety of combo unit styles and types for construction and later installation. Now that a clearer understanding of what a combo unit offers and in turn entails, if you are interested in exploring the many construction options we offer for our combo units here in the South, please feel to reach out directly to our combo unit experts by clicking here.

Combo Unit Installation

The experts we have designated for our installation crews are renowned for not only their unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail but also their penchant for punctuality and professionalism. Taking into account that each property here in the South is as unique as its owner, it only natural that our installation teams possess a knack for innovation and creative solutions when affecting our various installation services for combo units. As a matter of course, we appoint the installation of your combo unit around your schedule; thus limiting any potential inconveniences to you, our client! Another aspect worth taking note of regarding our combo unit installations and combo units construction services is how competitive we are concerning the pricing and financing options we have available for the aforementioned combo units.


Combo Unit Financing

Getting the most “structure” for the money you invest is often (and rightfully so!) the goal for any property owner that is endeavoring to upgrade their property’s current structural capacity. Our combo units, and all of their undeniable benefits and perks, are certainly no exception to this rule and with good reason. Having said that, we’ve actually “greased the wheels” to make this all the more achievable for our many customers and clients here in the South. Competitive pricing combined with flexible financing and rent-to-own options are but a few of the several bonuses our clients enjoy here in the South when they hire Bonafide Storage for their combo unit needs! Please call directly by clicking here if you are interested in learning more about the financing options we have available for clients seeking a [new] combo unit constructed/installed on their Southern property.





Included In Our Combo Unit Financing


Our company-wide goal is to quickly & efficiently facilitate the sale, acquisition, & eventual installation of our customer's chosen purchase: portable sheds, carports, RV covers, barns, garages, and/or combo unit. Regardless of the state in which we're operating, the budget which dictates the particulars of a project, or the general ambition of the project itself; we staunchly remain proudly confident in our responsilities to our respective clientele.





Acquisition & Delivery

Both acquisition & delivery are key aspects that are included in our financing options, regardless of the unit being bought, acquired, & ultimately delivered. We work directly with the manufacturers to acquire each unit to expedite the process as fast as possible while also ensuring a speedy delivery of our clients' purchase(s).

Financing Benefits Include:

Efficient Coordination ✔
Rapid Expedition ✔
Clear Communication ✔
Flexible Options ✔





Financing Benefits Include:

✔ Preferred Scheduling
✔ Experienced Management
✔ Built To Last!
✔ Strict Standard Adherence

Construction & Installation

Worry not about hidden costs regarding the construction or installation of your particular unit because those are proactively factored into the financing process! Our veteran construction & installation crews apply their considerable experience to provide peace of mind to our clients & promote safe yet steady project progression in equal measures, thus affecting a successful outcome.







Prefab Building Materials

Much to the delight of our valued clients, all building materials, hardware, & needed equipment (tools, machinery, etc.) are included in our financing options! Whichever unit our respective clients choose to purchase, they can rest assured of the quality, craftsmanship & durability of each and every unit.

Financing Coverage Includes:

Carports ✔
Portable Sheds ✔
RV Covers ✔
Barns ✔
Garages ✔
Combo Units ✔





Financing Coverage Includes:

✔ Concrete
✔ Cement
✔ Foundational Support
✔ Footing
✔ Structural Reinforcement

Structural Foundations

One refreshing aspect of our available financing is that we include any needed concrete, cement, structural support, footing, or reinforcement into the overall budget. It's essential to the longevity of every carport, RV cover, barn, combo unit, portable shed, or garage to have a solid, supportive foundation on which to be constructed.


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