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For delivery, we need to be able to get a 40' gooseneck trailer, and truck into the dropoff spot. We also need at least 140' of straight distance to pull the truck and trailer out from under the container


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20' Standard$165/mo+tax

The 20' standard container option is the smallest but also most affordable container we offer our customers. These containers are half as long as our standard container sizes and much easier to move and store on smaller-size properties.

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40' Standard$199/mo+tax

Our 40' standard containers are the typical container size you see most often. Fantastic space for storing and protecting your assets for long periods of time. With affordable rent-to-own options, these containers are our most popular.

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40' High Cube$199/mo+tax

We have several options for 40' containers, but these containers will have the extra space you need regarding the height of the container's ceiling. These containers have more space for storage and usage than our standard containers.

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One Trip ContainersPricing Varies

These containers have only taken one trip across the ocean and are the best possible quality you can get without paying the total rack rate for a brand-new container. If you want a close-to-flawless container, this is the best option available.

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We take customer satisfaction seriously, offering a commitment to lifetime support for our products and services. Our dedicated team ensures that clients receive ongoing assistance and guidance, fostering a long-lasting and reliable partnership.


Our containers and services exemplify a commitment to uncompromising quality, adhering to the highest industry standards. We take pride in delivering not only top-notch products but also a service experience.

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With a team of seasoned professionals, our company takes pride in its wealth of experience with containers. This expertise ensures our clients a seamless and efficient deployment process for their container needs.


Explore the versatility of our storage container customizations, designed to adapt to the specific requirements of your needs. Our expert team works collaboratively with clients to tailor solutions, offering a range of customizable features and configurations.

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About Bonafide Storage

Who We Are

At Bonafide Storage, our journey began as The Barn Farm, where we started by providing high-quality backyard sheds to meet the growing storage needs of our community. Over the years, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction propelled us to expand our offerings, and we soon became a leading provider of garages and carports. With a legacy built on years of dedicated service, expert knowledge, and a friendly approach, we quickly emerged as the top seller of steel buildings installed across the country. Our passion for delivering top-notch storage solutions and a focus on customer-centric values have been the driving force behind our success.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Space / Clearance is Required to Deliver?

A clearance of 95’ is recommended for 20’ containers, and a clearance of 120’ is required for 40’ containers. In addition, our trucks require approximately 20’ vertical clearance for loading and unloading units, as well as 15′ clearance for entering the delivery site. We recommend a place that has high enough clearance for a truck to move in and out of your location, away from power lines and branches. The recommended width requirement is approximately 13′.


How Should I Prepare the Site for Delivery?

No surface prep is required. The unit can sit directly on the ground. We recommend that you select as level a location as possible. Doors can be difficult to operate if the unit is not level. Best sites include concrete or gravel, or you can place railroad ties or blocks capable of supporting the container.


How Are Storage Containers Delivered?

Bonafide Storage working with logistics can deliver a container to you via a tilt-bed truck if you would prefer us to unload it at the desired location. The driver will back the trailer and lower the end of the container until it touches the ground, and then will pull straight out from under the container. Prior to your delivery date, the logistics team will ask you if we should load the container with the doors facing to the cab or to the rear of the truck. You must make that decision based on the desired location of the container door at your site.


How Soon Can Bonafide Storage Deliver a Container?

Delivery for a standard, used storage container is 5-7 days for rush orders, and 14 days for standard orders. Availability can vary by region, and occasionally we can deliver quicker than our posted timeframe.


Can I Choose the Color of My Unit?

Bonafide Storage cannot guarantee a specific color; however, you can ask for a certain preference before finalizing your order and we will try our best to accommodate.

We Offer Container Financing!


    Loan amounts up to $250,000
    Affordable monthly payment options
    Funding within 1-3 days
    No prepayment penalties
    No home equity required