Services We Provide to Customers in Georgia

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One sure-fire way to add tremendous value to one’s Georgia property, both aesthetically & monetarily as well as improving utility and serviceability is to explore property additions through our company, Bonafide Storage. For instance, many of our valued customers in Georgia often take full advantage of the extensive services and property options available in their area; including portable sheds, RV covers, carports, garages, barns, and combo units. What’s more, with our ever-expanding service area(Albany, GA; Brunswick, GA; Northwest, GA; Athens, GA; Columbus, GA; Hinesville/Savannah, GA; Atlanta, GA; Warner Robins/Macon, GA; Statesboro, GA; Augusta, GA; & Valdosta, GA) chances are we are able to accommodate your particular property needs through our all-inclusive service list: quality construction, professional installation, and flexible financing options. For local property owners in Georgia interested in learning more, feel free to reach out directly to out with any additional inquiries regarding services, coverage, and available options.

Services Offered in Columbus, Georgia

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The team at Bonafide Storage in Columbus, Georgia sells and designs carports, garages, barns, combo units, portable sheds, RV covers, and much more. If you need a storage shed for tools, garden accessories, crafting supplies, or any other reason in Columbus, Georgia, our team can create the precise storage shed, barn, or combo unit for whatever you may need. Many people in Columbus, Georgia pay monthly storage fees and deal with the hassle of carrying their items (large and small) to and from storage sites where items are not easily accessible. Many people find that instead of getting organized, they actually feel burdened by the loading and unloading of their storage items and often “forget” many items they may have stored away. These are always a temporary solution to the “clutter” problem and a continuous storage fee that is left with no tangible gain. Instead, why not invest in something personal, accessible, multi-function, and built to last! Our experts offer services that can serve all your storage needs from large barns, garages, carports, and many more storage projects you may need for your valuable possessions. Our carports and portable sheds in Columbus, Georgia are made from the strongest material to provide superior strength and outstanding appearance while requiring very low maintenance. No matter the barn type you need, whether it be a-frame style, standard style, or straight roof style, our team at Bonafide Storage in Columbus, Georgia has got your needs covered. Our steel buildings are custom designed and fabricated specifically for your needs. Give our team a call to see what we can create for you and your property.

Services Offered in Athens, Georgia

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Bonafide Storage offers affordable, durable steel buildings, garages, carports, combo units, and RV covers for industrial, residential, or agricultural building applications in Athens, Georgia. We are sure to have your carports fit your vehicle, camper, equipment, boat, or anything else. Carport structures also work well for horse shelters or equine loafing sheds in Athens, Georgia. Our team at Bonafide Storage in Athens, Georgia has numerous years of experience serving our community with countless buildings constructed and built each year, we've seen and done it all. Everyone could use and would like to own a storage shed for their home or property, Bonafide Storage is the premier portable building builder in Athens, Georgia, our family-owned and operated business is based locally in Athens, Georgia. We have built portable storage, barns, garages, combo units, and RV covers, running in size from a few square feet to structures for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural farm use in Athens, Georgia. Our classic barn is economical in price and size and is fully customizable as well with certain limitations. They create a perfect and safe environment to protect your critters from the cold winter months or exposure to the elements in Athens, Georgia. We can provide safe, dependable, inexpensive housing for your livestock and other valuable items that won't break the bank. Our combo units really are quite unique but simple in design. They can be created from basic roof designs be it standard, box eve, or vertical roof. You can section these off in multiple combinations and create an ideal building for all your storage needs all in one building. Give our team in Athens, Georgia an email or call to find out more!

Services Offered in Brunswick, Georgia

Carports | Garages | Barns | Combo Units | Portable Sheds | RV Covers


If you are shopping for a metal building, portable building, shed, barn, carport, RV cover, garage, or any other type of storage or shelter building in Brunswick, Georgia, then look no further. You have most likely seen many dealer ads and wonder what sets us apart from the rest in Brunswick, Georgia. First and foremost we are honest and friendly. We are willing to work with you to help your vision become a reality. From a custom lean-to or barn for your horses to a simple carport or storage building in Brunswick, Georgia, your building and overall satisfaction is what's most important to us. We can meet your service needs and constructing your order is hassle-free. We have many satisfied and repeat clients. We use quality materials and have a very efficient and knowledgeable crew. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our Brunswick, Georgia clients are returning. Our combo units give you the versatility of having storage space as well as an open covered area. It's a great unit to place dad's grill under and enjoy the great outdoors, while also providing extra storage space and adding value to your property. The team at Bonafide Storage offers a wide variety of garages to meet your individual needs. Our steel framed structures are the perfect solution for providing additional storage space for a recreation vehicle or creating a workshop. We offer a wide variety of metal carports to meet your needs in Brunswick, Georgia. For covering your car, boat, equipment, or anything else which needs protection from the harsh outdoor elements. Give our team servicing Brunswick, Georgia a call so we can help you figure out your perfect building.

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