All About Sheds

We all need extra storage, and an outdoor storage shed is a great solution. It can be a large investment, so make sure the one you get will last your lifetime. When buying a storage shed, there are several things that must be considered.

SIZE MATERS! Have you ever seen a yard cluttered with multiple mismatched storage sheds? It can ruin an otherwise beautiful landscape! Make sure the shed you purchase is one that is large enough to accommodate the things you need to store now and in the future. Because they are brought by truck, they can only be 14’ wide and 40’ long, but as small as 6’x6’.

COLORS THAT COMPLEMENT YOUR PROPERTY: Many storage sheds come in a variety of colors that you can match to your home. Make sure your shed is attractive in your yard by choosing complementary colors.

FLOORING: Make sure the floor of your shed is made from an “enhanced” OSB or Plywood such as Advantech or DryPly. Standard OSB or Plywood will decompose or rot over time, and creatures tend to be attracted to it.

FLOOR JOISTS: Make certain that your shed has 2x6 floors, as opposed to 2x4 floors that are commonly used in sheds. The 2x4 floors simply cannot hold the weight often needed in storage buildings.

SIDING MATERIALS: No matter what type of siding that is on your structure, make sure it has a warranty. Most metal sheets offer a 40-year warranty. Duratemp plywood siding is an excellent choice if you prefer a painted wood building instead of a metal shed because it’s surface is a tough hardboard face that won’t split, crack or check. It can be painted to match your home. Steer away from sidings such as T1-11 or Masonite siding because they do not hold up as well over time.

DOORS: Make sure the doors in your shed are wide enough to get your larger items in. Also, ensure that your doors are framed on your unit, because an unframed door tends to fall off over many uses.

ROOF: Your roof should also have a warranty. Metal is a popular choice for roofing materials, but if the shed you are considering has shingles, make sure they have a warranty and are 1st quality, as opposed to 2nd ‘s that are paper thin, and tend to need replacement. A clue to look for to ensure that you have 1st quality shingles is to ask if replacement shingles are included with the building!

OPTIONS: Many sheds offer options such as wiring, shelving, lofts, work benches, windows, 6’, 7’, or 8’ side walls, extra doors, garage doors, and gambrel - style roofs. Metal buildings should have insulated roofs, and the option to insulate the entire building. It is important to consider the items you will be storing to decide which options will suit your needs the best.

DELIVERY/SETUP: The Shed is delivered to your home on a trailer and set up on cement blocks to ensure that it is level. Be sure to ask your dealer if delivery and set up is included with your purchase. Also, you may need to know the time it will take before you will be receiving your building. Many are delivered the same day, or within a few days, but some can take weeks before they are delivered.

Choosing the right shed can be a difficult decision. By knowing what to look for, and what questions to ask, your purchase should be much less daunting.

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